Light Vehicle Driver

Date: 1 Jul 2024

Location: QA

Company: Jaidah Group

Based in Doha, Qatar, Jaidah Group is a conglomerate that has been operating in a wide array of business sectors for over 100 years. Our focus on the future – and its limitless potential – has driven us to consistently evolve, making us market leaders in sectors as diverse as industrial supply, energy, automotive and heavy equipment.

Job Description

General Driving Responsibilities:
1.    Drive employees or guests to meetings or for other business purposes to various locations as requested.
2.    Pick up and drop off employees/guests from and to the Airport.
3.    Deliver or receive documents and packages and perform various administrative tasks as required.
4.    Ensure proper maintenance and cleanliness of assigned vehicle at all times and take accountability for the vehicle driven – legitimate use and safe and careful parking. 
5.    Test performance of essential parts, such as lights, horn, and windshield wipers.
6.    Perform any other related jobs & responsibilities as assigned, promptly and punctually.



Additional Responsibilities for Sales, Service & Centralized Deliveries/Vehicles Yards may include:

1.    Drive customers to and from various locations such as workshops in the Industrial Area, the Showrooms and their homes.
2.    Assist with deliveries of cars to customers when required.
3.    Drive cars to displays outside the showroom and assist in the positioning of cars and display setup.
4.    Set up displays for official visits.
5.    Drive cars from the Pre-delivery Inspection sites and workshops to the Showrooms. 
6.    Shuttle customer vehicles at Service Centers – receive cars and park them, deliver cars to technicians and return cars to the reception area for pick-up by customers.
7.    Maintain the condition of stored cars in vehicle yards by cleaning them, driving, checking tires, and testing performance of essential parts.  
8.    Drive cars to Pre-delivery inspection sites, or to customers or Sales outlets as required.  
9.    Load and unload trucks and deliver equipment/supplies to and from warehouses between various locations such as freight companies, Centralized Delivery and Division warehouses. 


Skills and other abilities
Job Knowledge
Culture & values
Communication Skills

Jaidah Group is an "equal opportunity employer." We will not discriminate in employment, recruitment, compensation, termination, upgrading, promotions, and other conditions of employment against any employee or job applicant on the grounds of race, creed, colour, nationality or gender.